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June 2, 2017

Episode 5 The Jodi Arias Case


The Jodi Arias Case

This crazy bitch wraps up our double feature of unstable exes. If you havent listened to our first, pop over to episode 4 to hear about Katherine Knight. 

Jodi was a woman with nothing to offer except neurotic behavior. Her as a person is so basic, so vanilla. Slap some ugg boots on her and give her a pumpkin spice latte and she would be a poster child for basic bitch. However, her ability to switch and turn into a monster is one to take notes on. Proving even the most boring people can turn into a cold hearted killer. Not only would she brutally murder Travis Alexander, she would also try to smear his name through the mud in order to try and say she was the victim. If you didn't hate her before, you will after hearing her story. 

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