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June 28, 2017

Episode 10 The Candy Man Pt. 1


The Early Years Of Dean Corll

You could trust him with your pralines, just not with your boys. This is part 1 in covering one of the top serial killers in the 1970's until John Wayne Gacy a couple years later. Corll would have a 3 year streak of rape, brutal torture, and murder of at least 29 boys in Texas, specifically in the Houston Heights area. He would have the help of 2 teen boys, however, before we get into that we must start where all good stories the beginning. Here we break down the early years of Dean and tell his backstory as much as we can. What his life was like and events that lead up to getting his first helper and eventually his first known murder. How did the man who was affectionately named the Candy Man, become one of the most brutal monsters we've ever read about? Some things are still a mystery. Pour yourself a drink and lets start in on the first segment into this piece of work. 

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