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June 14, 2017

Episode 7: Who Is The Bone Collector?


Who Is The Bone Collector? 

This is a question that has been asked ever since a femur was found in west mesa in 2009. 11 bodies of young women and one fetus, murdered and dumped with no real idea as who put them there. Lots of unanswered questions, lots of secrets being kept. Who did it? why? Are there more bodies to be found? Come listen as we explore our first unsolved case.

There is a mysterious person who left a message with a private investigator. If you know this voice please call the 118th street task force at 1-877-765-8273 or (505) 768-2450. You could also get in touch with Crime stoppers at (505)843-STOP(7867). Visit to follow the story or give more information. 

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